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The new XDEEP NX700 regulator is a combination of unique features, great cold water capabilities, and unrivaled breathing comfort.

Thanks to the patented modular turret system it's the world's only regulator to provide clean, and streamlined hose routing in any configuration, including sidemount, backmount single tank, backmount doubles, and stage cylinders.

The special shape of the 1st stage forged body has and the thick-walled body of the 2nd stage valve has been designed for extensive heat exchange. The regulator has been CE-certified for extreme cold water conditions and keeps high performance below 4°C.

In the last two years, the NX700 regulators have been intensively tested in extreme conditions by the explorers supported by the XDEEP Exploration Support Program and proved the reliability and performance in a number of exploration projects across the world.

Set includes:

2 x NX700 - first stage regulator

2 x LS200 - second stage regulator

(no hoses or gauges)

XDEEP Reg Set Sidemount NX700 - LS200

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